For each child their own room should be a shelter, a safe and creative background for their development. But since children grow and develop quickly, their needs and sense of aesthetics change on average every three years. Keeping up with these changes and ensuring that children feel comfortable in their rooms is a challenging and pocket-draining task for parents.

We offer three lines of furniture that were designed to satisfy the functional and aesthetic needs of children of any age - from the first days to full age.


We have paid attention to design, durability and safety of the MROOM furniture. It is the design of the MROOM furniture that appeals to both children and young people and their parents can choose out of a wide selection of individual pieces in each line. They can supplement rooms with the components they need to respond to their children’s emerging needs that change as children grow and develop. Without replacing all the furniture.


We created the MROOM furniture because we like and respect people, both the big and the small ones. For this reason we manufacture the MROOM furniture with carefully selected materials and components. High-quality wood and furniture fittings and neat craftsmanship, will not only provide you with good aesthetic and practical experiences, but also will ensure durability and safety of the furniture over a long time.

Durability and Safety Certificates

The MROOM furniture is made in compliance with the current European Standards for the manufacture of children’s furniture, which was confirmed in tests carried out by a certified furniture testing laboratory. The MROOM furniture was awarded the durability and safety certificates.

Certificates and approvals

All MROOM products are made of the top-quality materials holding all necessary certificates and approvals that can be used in the manufacture of children’s furniture.


MROOM furniture has oak- or beech-based structure (legs and support elements). Other elements (body) are made of blockboard and natural veneers or varnished mdf (e.g. drawers, shelves).


The long-lasting Blum fixtures are mounted in all MROOM furniture.

No tipping over

All tall furniture, such as wardrobes and bookshelves, comes equipped with a mounting kit to prevent accidental tipping over.

Safe varnishes

We only use varnishes that hold safety certificates.


We asked professionals to design the MROOM furniture to ensure that each single detail in our MROOM furniture is made with exceptional care. Maria Dziewolska, a designer educated in Poznań, Poland and Milan, developed the designs, particularly focusing on the aesthetics and functionality of the furniture, while a team of professional design engineers worked on the safety and strength aspects. This combination yielded furniture that is well-designed in every detail.


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architect's zone

We welcome all architects and designers who are interested in using the MROOM furniture in their visualisations. Send your inquiry and contact (full name, company's name, e-mail, telephone number) to to get a login and password to our server from where you will download DWG files containing furniture shapes from all our collections. You will also receive a special proposal to architects and interior decorators. We are looking forward to working with you!


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